What if the British Had Won the Revolutionary War? Part 2

About what might have happened if the British had won the Revolutionary War, an alternate history of the United States.

WHAT IF . . . ?

What If the British Had Won the Revolutionary War?

The Southern Confederation avoided violence but underwent profound economic changes. By 1839 slavery was no longer economically feasible, and in 1840 a proposal was adopted which granted all slaves their freedom. Unfortunately, a previously ignored clause in the proposal provided that freedmen could be bound to their plantations for a prolonged period of education. This in effect allowed slavery to continue for another two generations.

In 1838 gold was discovered in California, and in 1845 rich silver deposits were unearthed in a border area claimed by both the USM and the CNA. The dispute erupted into the Rocky Mountain War. The Mexicans, led by their fiery president, Pedro Hermion, were greatly outnumbered but fought on for six years. At last, after Hermion's assassination in 1851, the Mexicans opted for peace. The USM retained control of California, but the CMA emerged from the war as a major industrial power.

In the following years, the CNA prospered and attracted increasing numbers of British immigrants. During this period of economic growth and population explosion, an event occurred in the USM which was to have international repercussions. In 1865 a German miner in California, Bernard Kramer, created Kramer Associates. Initially, the company's main concern was to develop new means of transportation within California and between the state and other parts of the world. The first major project of Kramer Associates was the creation of the Guatemala Canal to improve California's trade links.

Although the CNA was experiencing an economic boom in the 1860s and 1870s, discontent existed, as evidenced by gang terrorism. Then in 1880, a worldwide panic led to the Bloody Eighties, with open rebellion in countries throughout western Europe. Although the CNA survived this era intact, the USM was shattered. The Mexican republic was replaced by the dictatorship of Pedro Hermion's son, Benito Hermion (El Jefe), who embarked upon a far-reaching program of territorial expansion, beginning with the Isthmian War of 1886. Within a decade all the nations of South America became USM dependencies or allies.

By the 1890s Kramer Associates had become the world's third-largest conglomerate, with activities on every continent. Kramer Associates succeeded in making Hawaii a dependency of the USM in 1892, and with the addition of Alaska--captured from Russia during the Great Northern War in 1893--the USM became a major world power.

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