What if the British Had Won the Revolutionary War? Part 3

About what might have happened if the British had won the Revolutionary War, an alternate history of the United States.

WHAT IF . . . ?

What If the British Had Won the Revolutionary War?

In 1909 France attacked the USM in the conflict known as the Hundred-Day War. Although the French were soundly defeated, they planted the seeds of rebellion in the USM. Mexico was the only country in the world which still allowed slavery. In 1914, rioting broke out during the trial of slaves charged with treason for siding with the French during the war. This uprising, known as the Chapultepec Incident, resulted in hundreds of deaths and nearly caused the outbreak of war between the USM and the CNA. It also sparked concern on the part of the Friends of Black Mexico (FBM), a newly formed CNA organization which had great popular support. By 1920, when the USM at last seemed prepared to end slavery, the FBM turned its attention to the glaring racial and social inequalities in the CNA. Operating under the name of the League for Brotherhood and embracing a wide spectrum of dissidents, its ranks swelled to 7 million.

In 1922 Owen Galloway, charismatic president of the second-largest company in the CNA, put forth a plan he hoped would solve the dilemma. Under a policy termed Separation, the Galloway Plan allowed those who wanted to do so to relocate to other parts of the country--or to other nations--with a subsidy provided by a trust fund. The policy sounded much better than it was, but it succeeded in taking the heart out of the protest movement.

In 1936, when Kramer Associates announced it would move its headquarters to the Philippines, a worldwide panic ensued which financially crippled the CNA. A global war broke out in 1939--triggered by a revolution in the Ottoman Republic--and Mexico and Germany were pitted against Britain, France, and Japan. The CNA, still economically weak and with a peace government in power, remained officially neutral.

When hostilities came to an end in 1948, Britain and France were subordinated to North America and Germany. However, the real winner was Kramer Associates, whose only effective rival was the CNA. The relationship between the USM and the CNA remained shaky, and the arms race escalated. Then, in 1962, Kramer Associates exploded the first atomic bomb. Other countries embarked on crash programs to develop their own atomic weapons. As of 1971, the five major powers were the CNA, the USM, Germany, Britain, and Kramer Associates. However, the key to the future was the continuing cold-war conflict between the two longtime rivals--the CNA and the USM. If this were to erupt into a full-scale atomic war, it could mean the end of the world.

Thus, if Burgoyne had won at Saratoga, world history would have been completely changed. Or would it?

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