Word Play Vocab and Trivia Quiz Part 1 Questions

A short and fun word play, vocab, and triva quiz.



1. How many new words can you make by rearranging the letters of these common words? You must use all of the letters, using each letter exactly as many times as it appears in the original word. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of possible rearrangements for each word. For example: general (2): enlarge, gleaner.

a. silent (4)

b. stale (5)

c. result (6)

d. leap (3)

e. realization (1)

f. continued (1)

g. thread (3)

h. crates (8)

i. pears (8)

j. instead (3)

2. The following three sentences each have words missing from them. For sentence, the missing words contain the exact same letters in different arrangements. Dashes show the number of letters.

a. Deep in the --- lived Mr. Grant with his --- child, whose very presence had made his heart grow ---.

b. --- one and two went OK, but the third was ruined when a dozen --- appeared from nowhere; members of the --- all cried, "---," but the mood was spoiled.

c. --- care is very important, but afterwards we cannot stress enough that --- guidance must not be overly ---.

3. This problem is similar to the last one, except here the letters of the missing words are not rearranged; they are in the same order. Thus, without changing their spelling, the words take on new meanings and often new pronunciations as well.

a. The landlord could not ----- to remove the ----- after one of his tenants had taken it upon himself to ----- the electric-light control box.

b. A ----- of them grew ----- as the temperature dropped below zero.

c. As I gazed through the ----- to her walled garden, the thought of the delights to come were enough to ----- me.

d. The swordsman ----- bent forward to ----- the coup de grace.

e. The bandage is ----- tightly to protect the -----.

4. What do the following words all have in common?

assassination countless misplaced

castigate hurry ensnare

critical lonely exposure

aerial perusal gnarled

seamy eventful monumental

denote laughable dwindle

5. Which word is out of character with the others in each of the following series:

a. epiglottis, flabellum, prostate, cerebellum, urethra.

b. differential, alternator, chronometer, distributor, tachometer.

c. civet, ocelot, cheetah, lynx.

6. Can you match up the following words with their meanings?

1. fecund a. letter

2. arcane b. illusion

3. besmirch c. short-lived

4. synchronicity d. secret

5. chimera e. talkative

6. opprobrium f. stingy

7. ephemeral g. soil

8. missive h. infamy

9. garrulous i. fertile

10. niggardly j. coincidence

7. This one is more of an exercise in visualization. Can you close your eyes and say which capital letters of the alphabet are the same upside down, which are the same backwards, and which are the same upside down and backwards?

8. Here you are given a prefix, and then clues for 10 words which begin with that prefix. The numbers in parentheses denote the number of letters in each answer.

a. per- (through):

1. gain by entreaty (8)

2. sweat (8)

3. human being (6)

4. confuse (7)

5. unceasing (9)

6. assert falsely (7)

7. fragrance (7)

8. utter destruction (9)

9. sharp striking (10)

10. without defect (7)

b. dis- (apart):

1. reject (7)

2. recognize differences (7)

3. reveal (8)

4. entirely separate (9)

5. confusion (8)

6. remove (8)

7. suffering (8)

8. territory (8)

9. liquefy (8)

10. release (9)

c. ab-, abs- (from):

1. incorporate (6)

2. hold back (7)

3. groveling (6)

4. cleansing (8)

5. lacking (6)

6. rubbing substance (8)

7. conceptual (8)

8. irrational (6)

9. renounce (8)

10. acquit (7)

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