Word Play Vocab and Trivia Quiz Part 2 Answers

A short and fun word play, vocab, and triva quiz, the answers.




1. a. listen; inlets; enlist; tinsel.

b. steal; slate; least; tales; teals.

c. luster; sutler; rustle; ulster; rulest; lurest.

d. pale; peal; plea.

e. rationalize.

f. unnoticed.

g. hatred; dearth; dareth.

h. caster; carest; carets; caters; recast; reacts; traces; racest.

i. asper; pares; parse; prase; reaps; rapes; spare; spear.

j. detains; sainted; stained.

2. a. forest, foster, softer.

b. Acts, cats, cast, Scat.

c. Prenatal, parental, paternal.

3. a. refuse.

b. number.

c. entrance.

d. supply.

e. wound.

4. They are among the 1,700 words that first appeared in writing in the works of William Shakespeare.

5. a. flabellum; b. chronometer; c. civet.

6. 1.i; 2.d; 3.g; 4,j; 5.b; 6.h; 7.c; 8.a; 9.e; 10.f.

7. Upside down: B,C,D,E,H,I,K,O,X.

Backwards: A,H,I,M,O,T,U,V,W,X,Y.

Upside down and backwards:


8. a. 1. persuade; 2. perspire; 3. person; 4. perplex; 5. perpetual or permanent; 6. perjure; 7. perfume; 8. perdition; 9. percussion; 10. perfect.

b. 1. discard; 2. discern; 3. disclose; 4. disparate; 5. disorder; 6. displace; 7. distress; 8. district; 9. dissolve; 10. discharge.

c. 1. absorb; 2. abstain; 3. abject; 4. ablution; 5. absent; 6. abrasive; 7. abstract; 8. absurd; 9. abdicate; 10. absolve.

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