World History 1778

About the history of the world of 1778, James Watt invents the duplicating machine, James Cook visits Hawaii, the toilet is invented.



Joseph Bramah, a London cabinetmaker, began the first production of water closets (toilets); he sold around 6,000 between 1778 and 1797. The bowl was completely masked by surrounding wood.

To meet the demands of his Birmingham. England, steam engine business, James Watt invented the first duplicating machine, which soon became standard business equipment.

Jan.18 Capt. James Cook in the Resolution, attempting on his third and final world-circling voyage to discover a northern sea route from the Pacific to the Atlantic, became the first European to visit the Hawaiian Islands. (William Bligh, later captain of the Bounty, was his navigator.) At Kealakekua Bay the following year, a crowd of irate Hawaiian natives, whom he had tried to subdue by threats of force, brutally murdered the 50-year-old explorer. Cook had charted thousands of miles of ocean and learned more about the Pacific, South Atlantic, Arctic, and Antarctic than anyone before him.

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