World History 1805

About the history of the world in 1805, the rest of the world declares war on France, Napoleon's armies have battles in Trafalgar and Austerlitz.



Aug. 9 Austria joined Russia and Britain in war against France, an inevitable result of Napoleon's coronation.

Oct. 21 The British under Adm. Horatio Nelson fought the combined French and Spanish fleet under Admiral Villeneuve off Spain's Cape Trafalgar, achieving a victory which would establish Britain's naval supremacy for 100 years and end Napoleon's hopes of invading England. Villeneuve, taken prisoner, lost 18 ships and 14,000 men. There were about 1,500 British casualties, but no British ships were lost. Nelson was mortally wounded in the battle; his last words were "Thank God, I have done my duty." The hero's body was returned to England in a cask of brandy to preserve it.

Dec. 2 Near Austerlitz in Moravia (now Czechoslovakia), Napoleon and 68,000 troops defeated a combined Russian and Austrian army of about 90,000 in the battle of which he was most proud. While the French lost 9,000, enemy casualties totaled 15,000 killed or wounded and 11,000 captured. As a result of Austerlitz, Austria gave up the Tyrol and territories in Italy, Dalmatia, and southern Germany to Francis II of Austria, was dismembered after 844 years.

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