World History 1810

About the history of the world in 1810, Napoleon marries an Austrian princess, Simon Bolivar starts revolution in Venezuela.



Feb. 11 His career now at the zenith, surrounded by vassal states ruled by his relatives, Napoleon allied himself with Austria by marrying Hapsburg princess Marie Louise, daughter of Emperor Francis I (formerly Francis II of the Holy Roman Empire). She had written, "I am sorry for the unfortunate princess whom he [Napoleon] will choose," but followed her father's orders to become empress of France. For her Napoleon took waltz lessons and removed all pictures in his palace showing the French defeating the Austrians.

Apr. 19 In Venezuela aristocrat Simon Bolivar launched his career as liberator by using his influence to depose the Spanish governor and set up a ruling junta, the first step toward Venezuelan independence. Born in Caracas and educated in Europe, Bolivar had been influenced by 18th-century liberal thinkers, Napoleon's astounding accomplishments, and his friend Baron Alexander von Humboldt, who planted the idea that Latin America was ripe for independence.

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