World History 1811

About the history of the world in 1811, population of London breaks one million, Napoleon's child is born, Krupps is founded.



The census of 1811 gave London a population of 1,009,546; thus it was the first western city with over a million inhabitants.

Mar. 20 In Paris, Napoleon's heir, the king of Rome, was born to Empress Marie Louise. Some medical authorities now question whether Napoleon, victim of a pituitary disorder, could have fathered a child. All claims by mistresses to have borne him children are unproved, and his first wife, although a mother, never conceived by him. But Marie Louise was constantly chaperoned and surrounded by doctors during the months prior to her pregnancy, and the child resembled Napoleon. Always abreast of current scientific developments, he may have had his wife artificially inseminated, the donor being one of his brothers. Marie Louise displayed an aversion to the child, who died of tuberculosis in Austria at age 21.

Nov. 20 Friedrich Krupp, 24, scion of a wealthy family that had dominated Essen, Germany, since 1587, inheriting a small fortune from his entrepreneur grandmother, founded the firm of Friedrich Krupp of Essen to operate a factory "for the manufacture of cast steel and all the products made thereof," the basis of today's billion-dollar Krupp industrial empire.

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