World History 1819

About the history of the world in 1819, the United States acquires Florida from Spain, the Savannah is the first steamship to make a voyage across the Atlantic.



* The U.S. acquired Florida from Spain when, during a period of border raids from Florida staged by Indians and runaway slaves, Andrew Jackson invaded the territory and captured two Spanish posts. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams asserted that Spain must maintain order or give up the territory. The U.S. agreed to honor $5 million in claims of U.S. citizens against Spain.

May 22 The Savannah, a 350-ton full-rigged wooden ship built at Corlear's Hook, N.Y., left Savannah, Ga., for Liverpool, England, to become the first steamship to cross the Atlantic. Although there were 32 staterooms, no passengers dared make the 29-day voyage.

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