World History 1820

About the history of the world in 1820, the famous statue the Venus de Milo is found.



* The Venus de Milo, now in the Louvre, was found by a peasant on the Greek island of Melos in a cavern where it had lain for centuries. It was found in two parts, along with pieces of the arms and a pedestal inscribed: "-andros, son of Henidos, from the city of Antioch on the Meander" (river). The arms and pedestal are now lost. Scholars believe the statue dates from around 100 B.C., but they do not agree on how the missing arms were posed. Some speculate that the upraised left arm rested on a pillar. Others suggest that it held up a burnished shield which the goddess used as a mirror. Still another theory is that a hand holding an apple, found nearby, belonged to the Venus.

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