World History 1822

About the history of the world in 1822, Champollion deciphers the Rosetta Stone, Stephen F. Austin establishes a colony in Texas, Liberia is founded.



* Jean Francois Champollion, one of history's most prodigious linguists, finally deciphered ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writing and published his famous "Letter to Mr. Dacier in Regard to the Alphabet of Phonetic Hieroglyphics." He had grasped the fact, previously unsuspected, that some of the writing was not pictorial, but phonetic, and with this new approach succeeded in translating the Rosetta Stone. He brought to his task a profound knowledge of ancient languages.

* Stephen F. Austin officially established the first American colony in Texas after receiving permission from the Spanish government.

* Funded by an American charitable institution, the Society for Colonizing the Free People of Color, Liberia, the oldest black republic in Africa, was founded as a colony for freed slaves from the U.S. The back-to-Africa movement was sponsored by both white and black Americans.

Sept. 7 Pedro, regent of Brazil and son of King John VI of Portugal, declared Brazil independent and proclaimed himself Emperor Pedro I. Portugal recognized Brazil's independence without a struggle.

Dec. 1 In Vienna Franz Liszt, 11, made a sensational debut as a pianist, later becoming one of the legendary superstars of European musical and social life.

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