World History 1827

About the history of the world in 1827, Karl Baedeker publishes his first travel guide, Beethoven dies, the Turks are forced out of Greece.



* Karl Baedeker, founder of the modern tourist guidebook industry, published his first guidebook under the name of "Dr. Klein." One day, rowing on the Rhine near Coblenz, he saw a dog fall into the water as its owner watched helpless. Young Baedeker rescued it, and the grateful owner, Dr. William Klein, rewarded him with a book he was publishing: The Rhine Journey: A Handbook for Tourists in a Hurry. Baedeker studied it, noting how it could be improved with common sense and attention to detail. Fortunately, Klein wished to retire; Baedeker borrowed money and bought his guidebook business. His rewritten travel guide had phenomenal success, a success which he and his descendants maintained, under their own name, for more than 150 years. Baedeker later told Klein, "I only saved your dog, but you saved my future with that little book."

Mar. 26 Ludwig van Beethoven, 56, the dominant force in 19th-century music, died of pneumonia. On the night of his death, a strange storm of snow, hail, thunder, and lightning broke over Vienna. He opened his eyes for the last time and shook his fist at the sky.

Oct. 20 At Navarino Bay the Turko-Egyptian fleet was demolished by the navies of France, Russia, and Great Britain. The action forced the Turks to relinquish control of Greece.

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