World History 1836

About the history of the world in 1836, Chopin and Sand meet, Mexico attacks the Alamo, the Texans fight back.



* Pianist and composer Frederic Chopin met George Sand, prolific woman novelist, at the home of Franz Liszt's mistress, the Countess d'Agoult, and the most famous love affair in musical history began. She was six years his senior, wore male attire, and smoked an occasional cigar.

Feb. 23-Mar. 6 Santa Anna attacked the Americans in the Alamo. (See "Eyewitness Reports on Highlights of U.S. History," Chap. 3.)

Mar. 27 Santa Anna moved against the Texans, ordering 330 prisoners executed at Goliad. But the Texans continued to fight to the cry of "Remember the Alamo."

Apr. 21 The Texans, under Sam Houston, surprised the overconfident Mexicans, defeated their army, and captured Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto. This victory ensured Texas independence, which it kept for 10 years. Sam Houston was the first elected president of the new republic.

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