World History 1872

About the history of the world in 1872, Bakunin is expelled from Karl Marx's group, the Credit Mobilier scandal breaks.



* Anarchist Mikhail Bakunin, 58, of Russia, was expelled from the First International over a doctrinal dispute with the followers of Karl Marx.

* Japan adopted compulsory military service.

Sept. 4 The New York Sun broke the Credit Mobilier scandal. Credit Mobilier, the outfit charged with constructing the Union Pacific Railroad, had secured favorable legislation on rights-of-way and land grants by selling congressmen company stock at half the market value. Chief bagman in the payoff scheme was Rep. Oakes Ames of Massachusetts, himself a principal officer of Credit Mobilier. Through Ames, the firm managed to buy the goodwill of, among others, House Speaker Schuyler Colfax (President Grant's vice-president when the story broke), Sen. Henry Wilson (Colfax's successor as vice-president), and Rep. James A. Garfield, who survived the scandal to be elected president in 1880.

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