World History 1882

About the history of the world in 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act is passed in the U.S.



* The U.S. Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, banning Chinese immigration for 10 years.

* After two years of opening her subconscious mind to Dr. Josef Breuer, Bertha Pappenheim, 23, of Vienna, regained the use of her legs and right arm, which had been paralyzed psychosomatically for some time. Dr. Beuer's results in this, the first professional psychoanalysis of a patient, piqued the interest of his friend, a 26-year-old Austrian physician named Sigmund Freud, who built on Breuer's work. Breuer's technique consisted of talking to Bertha (or Anna O., as she was referred to in his notes) while she was under hypnosis. During the course of this "talking cure," Breuer learned that the girl's trouble stemmed from a hallucination she had experienced once upon waking up suddenly. The vision of black snakes and death's-heads so persisted in Bertha's mind that she developed hysteria and was driven to bed by headaches, poor vision, insomnia, and, ultimately, paralysis. But after Dr. Breuer dredged up the hallucination and confronted her with it, Bertha lost her fear and could move her limbs at will. Miss Pappenheim went on to a successful career in social work and launched a campaign to save Jewish girls from the then flourishing white slave market. She died in 1936.

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