World History 1884

About the history of the world in 1884, the first volume of the Oxford English Dictionary is published, the first skyscraper is built, Europe meets to divide up Africa.



* Professor Pancoast of Philadelphia administered the first artificial insemination with semen of a donor other than the husband. Although the act was performed at the request of a sterile husband, the wife was chloroformed and had no knowledge of what was about to happen. In short, she was raped, albeit artificially.

Jan. The first volume of the Oxford English Dictionary (A-Anat) was published. It took another 44 years to complete the alphabet.

May 1 Construction began on the first skyscraper, the Home Insurance Company, at La Salle and Adams streets, Chicago. Designed by William Jenney, the steel-framed marble and granite structure, soaring 10 stories, was completed in the fall of 1885.

Nov. Representatives from 14 governments, including Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Belgium, met in Berlin to formally carve up Africa. In order to bring some order to the mad scramble for possessions on the continent, the countries agreed that for a claim to be recognized internationally, the colonizing government must occupy the territory with ground forces. They also agreed to suppress slavery and to promote the tenets of Western civilization. The meeting lasted until February of 1885.

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