World History 1893

About the history of the world in 1893, the first driver's license issues, the last Queen of Hawaii was disposed, the World's Columbian Exposition was held in Chicago.



* Paris police issued the first driver's licenses to motorists in that city.

Jan. 17 Queen Liliuokalani, 55, the last reigning queen of the Hawaiian Islands, was deposed, largely through the efforts of American investors and the U.S. Naval Forces.

Apr. Henry Ford, 30, constructed an automobile in Detroit. Karl Benz of Mannheim, Germany, brought out his first four-wheel model.

Apr. 6-7 Andy Bowen, a mulatto from New Orleans, boxed Jack Burke to a no contest in a 110-round match in his hometown. The light-weight fight, the longest recorded match with gloves on record, lasted 7 hours, 19 minutes.

May 1-Oct. 30 The World's Columbian Exposition celebrated the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America on 666 acres of Chicago's lakefront. Opening day brought Pres. Grover Cleveland and a host of world dignitaries, including the Spanish Duke of Veragua, the only living descendant of Christopher Columbus. Taking a quick shot of whiskey to brace himself against a brisk wind off the lake, Cleveland pushed a button and the grounds lit up in an unprecedented display of thousands of light bulbs. Fountains rose, guns boomed from warships anchored in Lake Michigan, steam whistles blasted. Over the next six months, 27 million people plied the main concourse and explored its meticulously landscaped byways. There was something for everyone. For the highbrows, there were paintings by Renoir, Monet, Whistler, and Sargent. A series of congresses were held in which authorities discussed science, literature, religion, and history. Those inclined to less cerebral pursuits could ride a camel down "Old Cairo," tour a mock-up of an African village, marvel at sharpshooters, tiptoe into a Turkish mosque, thrill at the chamber of horrors, seek refreshment at an Algerian cafe, relax in a house in old Pompeii, visit a Persian harem, chat with Eskimos, follow the bumps and grinds of Little Egypt, glide out over the lake on a moving pier, or ride 250 ft. above the ground in a huge revolving vertical wheel especially built for the fair by an engineer named George Washington Gale Ferris. One child who wandered wide-eyed around the fairgrounds was 11-year-old Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who had been escorted from Hyde Park, N.Y., by his parents in their private railroad car.

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