World History 1901

About the history of the world in 1901, Commonwealth of Australia formed, J.P. Morgan forms U.S. Steel, Gillette invents the disposable safety razor.



* The Commonwealth of Australia was formed.

* J. P. Morgan, 64, bought out Andrew Carnegie's steel interests and merged them with his own and those of other steel producers to form the world's largest corporation--United States Steel.

Mar. 2 The U.S. affixed the Platt Amendment to the Cuban constitution, therein making the island a U.S. protectorate.

Dec. 2 King C. Gillette, 46, of Chicago, patented the first safety razor equipped with disposable blades. Sales dragged for a few years (51 razors sold in 1903), but Gillette waited out the market until his product suddenly caught on in 1904, when 12.4 million little blue blades were tugging at the beards of American men.

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