World History 1924

About the history of the world in 1924, J. Edgar Hoover becomes head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. restricts immigration from Japan.



* Danish explorer and ladies' man Knud Rasmussen, 45, traveling with two 20-ft. sledges, 24 dogs, two Eskimo companions (one a woman), completed a year-and-a-half 29,000-mi. expedition of arctic North America-the longest dogsled journey in history and the first to cross the Northwest Passage.

* U. S. immigration laws were further restricted to exclude the Japanese altogether.

* Humorist Will Rogers on Pres. Calvin Coolidge: "He is the first president to discover that what the American people want is to be left alone." On William Jennings Bryan: "He can take a batch of words and scramble them together and leaven them properly with a hunk of oratory and knock the White House doorknob right out of a candidate's hand." On the typical congressman: "He. . . is leaving home with the idea that he is to rescue his district from certain destruction and to see that it receives its just amount of rivers and harbors, post offices, and pumpkin seeds."

June 15 J. Edgar Hoover, 29, was appointed director of the U. S. Justice Department's Bureau of Investigation to clean up the widespread corruption then existing in the bureau. Under the close supervision of Attorney General Harlan Fiske Stone, Hoover immediately set out to divorce the investigative agency from politics and to upgrade both its image and its level of performance. New guidelines for the agency:

1. Its investigations would be restricted to violations of federal law only.

2. Final authority and responsibility for the bureau's activities would rest with the attorney general.

3. All deadwood-incompetents, unreliables, floaters with no definite job description, dollar-a-year men-would be cut from the payrolls.

4. Future hiring policy would give preference to lawyers and accountants.

Hoover even went beyond the dictates of professionalism and sought to reshape the life-styles of his agents. He laid down the law: Any employee suspected of drinking, engaging in extramarital sex, or not paying his debts was to be summarily fired. Hoover's moral zeal continued through his long reign over the FBI, but it allowed room for the bureau itself to bend and later break the law in the name of national security.

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