World History 1933 Part 2

About the history of the world in 1933, the Chicago's World Fair is held, Hitler appointed Chancellor and Roosevelt elected President.



Mar. 4 Franklin D. Roosevelt, 51, became president of the U.S. and launched the New Deal.

Dec. The Stavisky scandal broke over France. Serge Alexandre Stavisky, a Russian-born Jew who had emigrated to Paris as a youth, spent most of his adult life outrunning the law. Drug pusher, con artist, forger, fence, and occasional armed robber, Stavisky invested his earnings well and in time owned theaters, newspapers, and a stable of horses and moved in the best of social circles. Through his political connections, he wangled a job as agent to float municipal bonds for the city of Bayonne. He then turned around and discounted the bonds at a legitimate bank and absconded with the money, leaving bondholders with worthless paper. One of Stavisky's operatives in Bayonne confessed to police, and the scheme burst into the headlines of French dailies. Meanwhile Stavisky escaped. When police finally caught up with him at a winter resort, he conveniently committed suicide and thus spared the government further embarrassment. Convinced that a gendarme had pulled the trigger, not Stavisky, Parisians took to the streets chanting, "Hang the deputies," and demanding Premier Chautemps's resignation. Although the Radical party leader mustered a vote of confidence in the Chamber, he finally capitulated in the face of a fresh scandal in the Justice Ministry, and so became the first Third Republic premier to resign under popular pressure while maintaining a clear majority in both houses.

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