World History 1934

About the history of the world in 1934, the Austrian Chancellor was assassinated leading to Hitler's claim to president and Fuhrer.



* Naturalist William Beebe, 56, descended in a bathysphere to a then record depth of 3,208 ft. into the ocean off Bermuda.

July 25 Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss, 42, was assassinated by members of the local Nazi party. Head of state for two years, Dollfuss had assumed near dictatorial powers in an attempt to crush the Nazi movement in Austria and to keep his country from the jaws of Hitler. In Berlin, Hitler denied any knowledge of the plot.

Aug. 2 With the death of President Hindenburg, Adolf Hitler proclaimed himself president as well as chancellor, named himself fuhrer, and ordered the armed forces to swear a loyalty oath to him personally.

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