World History 1935

About the history of the world in 1935, Iceland legalizes abortion, Persia changes its name to Iran, Italy invades Ethiopia.



Jan. 28 Iceland became the first country to legalize abortion (during the first 28 weeks) if the pregnancy clearly jeopardized the woman's physical or mental health.

Feb. 26 Robert Watson-Watt, superintendent of the Radio Research Lab at Ditton Park, England, demonstrated his new apparatus for the "detection and location of aircraft by radio methods."

Mar. 21 Persia changed its name to Iran.

Sept. 15 The Nazi Party Congress meeting in Nuremberg promulgated the so-called Nuremberg Laws, stripping German Jews of all civil rights, trimming the rights of those with some Jewish blood, and banning intermarriage with Jews.

Oct. 3 Italian forces invaded Ethiopia. The failure of the League of Nations to execute effective sanctions against Mussolini for the blatant conquest of another land destroyed world confidence in that organization's ability to resolve international conflicts.

Dec. Parker Brothers, of Salem, Mass., marketed a new board game invented by Charles Darrow, an unemployed engineer. They named it Monopoly.

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