World History 1943

About the history of the world in 1943, World War II continues, Hitler liquidates the Jews, Italy declares war on Germany.



Jan. Hitler ordered the liquidation of the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw. After watching 300,000 of their brothers "resettled" from the barbed wire ghetto to the gas ovens of Treblinka, the remaining 70,000 Jews in the Polish capital put up a valiant fight against a direct German infantry and artillery assault. It took a full month for Nazi tanks, armored cars, artillery, and flamethrowers to thin the ranks of Jewish civilians to 14,000. Only in September could Interior Minister Heinrich Himmler read with a smile SS Gen. Juergen Stroop's report: "The Jewish Residential District no longer exists."

Feb. 19 Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie, students at Munich University and leaders of a German antiwar group called the White Rose, were arrested for distributing anti-Nazi pamphlets on campus. Later convicted, they were beheaded.

May 9--10 Trapped between British and American forces in Tunisia and denied air support from Sicily, 250,000 German troops surrendered and thus abandoned the last Nazi stronghold in Africa.

June Race riots erupted in Los Angeles and Detroit.

July 10 Approximately 150,000 British, American, and Canadian forces hit the beaches of Sicily and conquered the rugged island in five weeks.

July 25 Italian King Victor Emmanuel III dismissed Mussolini and handed the reins of power to Marshal Badoglio, who immediately began to negotiate with he invading Allies.

Sept. As German forces poured into northern Italy to shore up the crumbling Italian army, the British 8th Army landed on the toe of Italy, while the American 5th Army overcame dogged German resistance at the ankle on the beaches of Salerno. The Allies joined soon thereafter and advanced up the Italian boot, and at the end of the month U.S. troops marched into Naples.

Oct. 13 Italy declared war on Germany.

Nov. 7 After driving the Germans from the Volga, Russian forces continued the drive westward and liberated the "mother of Russian cities," Kiev, where Nazis had exterminated some 50,000 Jews.

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