World History 1948

About the history of the world in 1948, Kinsey publishes his sexual report, Ghandi is assassinated, Israel becomes an independent nation.



* Alfred Kinsey released his famous report, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.

* Dr. Peter Goldmark developed the first successful long-playing 33 1/3s for Columbia Records.

Jan. 30 Mohandas Gandhi, 78, of India, was assassinated on his way to conduct a prayer and pacification service in New Delhi, by a Hindu who had held Gandhi responsible for the partitioning of the subcontinent.

Feb. A Moscow-directed coup d'etat in Prague abolished democracy in Czechoslovakia. Foreign Minister Jan Masaryk, 62, remained in office even after the Communist takeover but soon plunged to his death from an upper-story window. Whether the act was suicide, an accident, or murder remains unclear. The Czech coup raised alarms in the West and is generally considered the beginning of the cold war.

May 14 Jews accepted a U.N. proposal declaring Israel an independent nation. On the same day, Israelis beat back a concerted attack by surrounding Arab states.

June 24 Outraged at Western plans to create a democratic independent state of West Germany, the U.S.S.R. countered with a land blockade of West Berlin, isolating its 2 million residents from the West, in an attempt to starve the truncated city into the Soviet camp. President Truman avoided a direct confrontation with Russian ground forces by mounting the most massive airlift in history. Until the Soviets lifted the blockade 11 months later, 277,000 flights brought in 2.5 million tons of supplies--more cargo than had reached West Berlin by train in a similar period before the blockade.

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