World History 1950

About the history of the world in 1950, China invades Tibet and North Korea invades South Korea.



* Chinese Communist troops invaded Tibet. After appealing in vain to the U.N. for help, Tibet the next year was annexed to the People's Republic of China.

June 25 North Korean Communist forces poured across the 38th parallel into South Korea. With the European appeasement of Hitler at Munich fresh in his mind, President Truman secured from the U.N., in the absence of the Soviet delegate, a mandate to drive the Communists from South Korea. Under Gen. Douglas MacArthur, a 17-nation U.N. force (48% U.S., 43% South Korean, 9% others) landed at Pusan on the southeastern corner of Korea and quickly threw up a defense perimeter, as Soviet-equipped North Koreans raced down the peninsula. On Sept. 15, U.N. forces took the Communists completely by surprise with an amphibious landing behind enemy lines at Inchon, while the main body of U.N. troops burst out of the defense perimeter and blitzed up the peninsula. In less than three weeks, the North Koreans fled headlong back across the 38th parallel. MacArthur now carried the war north with lightning speed. As his units rapidly advanced on the Yalu River, the natural border separating Korea and China, MacArthur was asked by President Truman about the chances for Chinese intervention. His reply: "Very little. Had they interfered in the first or second months it would have been decisive. We are no longer fearful of their intervention." In late November, 850,000 Chinese forces crossed the Yalu and stampeded U.N. troops out of North Korea. MacArthur screamed for the bombing and blockade of China, but Truman, determined to contain the war, rejected the plea and three months later fired MacArthur for his repeated public denunciations of U.S. policy.

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