World History 1965

About the history of the world in 1965, Malcolm X is assassinated, Algeria is taken over in a coup, the Watts riots break out in Los Angeles.



Feb. 21 Black nationalist leader Malcolm X was shot to death allegedly by followers of Black Muslim leader Elijah Muhammad as he prepared to give a speech in a Manhattan ballroom.

Mar. 7 Alabama state police gassed, clubbed, and whipped black voting-rights demonstrators as they prepared to leave Selma for the capital of Montgomery.

Mar. 18 Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov emerged from Voskhod 2 to float in space for 10 minutes. Ten weeks later U.S. astronaut Edward White would repeat the stunt for 21 minutes.

June A military coup led by Col. Houari Boumedienne toppled the government of Algeria's first president, Ben Bella.

Aug. 11-16 Police and National Guardsmen combated a rampage of arson and looting in the Watts ghetto of Los Angeles. The incident ended in 34 deaths, 3,900 arrests, and the destruction of some 200 shops.

Nov. 9-10 Over 30 million Americans and Canadians on the East Coast watched the lights go out. The power failure left nearly a million people stranded in subways and elevators. Predicted comedian Johnny Carson in his monologue, "A lot of kids nine months from now will be named Otis."

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