World History 1969 Part 1

About the history of the world in 1969, street fighting in Northern Ireland, race riots in Malaysia.



* Eight antiwar activists went on trail in Chicago as leaders of the 1968 Democratic National Convention demonstrations. It was the first case tried under the antiriot section of the 1968 Civil Rights Act. Although only five of the defendants actually had been involved in planning the demonstrations, conspiracy charges were based on the proposition that all eight men (some of whom had never met each other) had in mind a "similar intent" to provoke a riot when they came to Chicago. Animosity between the defendants and presiding justice Julius Hoffman surfaced immediately when attorney William Kunstler asked for a mistrial because of the incriminating way Hoffman read the charges. More than 20 other motions for mistrial were to follow. During the course of the trial, defendant Bobby Seale's comments so enraged Judge Hoffman that he ordered Seale bound and gagged. When even the gag failed to silence Seale, he was imprisoned for contempt of court. At the end of the five-month trial, all defendants were cleared of conspiracy charges, but five were found guilty of crossing state lines to incite a riot. In addition. Hoffman meted out contempt of court charges to all, including a four-year sentence for Kunstler. The convictions were overturned in 1972 by the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Feb. 2 Israeli occupation forces wielded night-sticks in Gaza to herd some 2,000 rioting Arab high school girls back into classrooms. Over 90 students were injured.

Feb. 26 General Motors recalled 4.9 million cars and trucks after four deaths spotlighted engineering defects.

Apr. 20 A weekend of street fighting among Catholics, Protestants, and police in Belfast, Northern Ireland, ended with British troops en route to the city.

Apr. 27 Bolivian Pres. Rene Barrientos died as his helicopter became tangled in power lines near his hometown of Cochabamba.

May 13 In the worst domestic conflict in Malaysian history, race riots between Malays and Chinese broke out in Kuala Lumpur.

May--June Violent student and labor unrest in Argentina led to a formal state of siege in that country.

June 4 Armando Socarras Ramirez, 22, sneaked into the wheel pod of a jet parked at Havana airport and rode the aircraft to Spain, exposed to the elements. Somehow he survived the dangerously thin oxygen levels and the 40 deg. F temperatures of the nine-hour flight at 29,000 ft.

July 14--19 Armed clashes between the forces of El Salvador and Honduras left over 1,000 dead. The undeclared war was sparked by June riots which had erupted during a play-off between the two nations for the World Soccer Cup.

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