World's Toughest Baseball Trivia Quiz Part 2 Answers

The world's toughest baseball trivia quiz. Check how you did with the answers.



1. D. Elston Howard hit only 32% of his career homers in Yankee Stadium. Don Clendenon was next with 36% at Forbes Field. DiMaggio, by the way, hit only 41% of his career homers at the House That Ruth Built.

2. D. John McGraw lost six World Series; Stengel and Alston lost three Series apiece.

3. A. Nuxhall was youngest, when he came into the June 10, 1944, game for Cincinnati. Kranepool and McCarver were old-timers of 17 when they first played.

4. E. Blomberg of the Yankees walked to force in a run Apr. 6, 1973, as big league ball's first designated hitter.

5. A. Carew averaged .318 in 1972 with 170 hits in 535 at bats. . . but nary a homer.

6. C. Sisler of the St. Louis Browns hit in 41 consecutive games in 1922. The Tigers' Cobb was next with 40 games in 1911.

7. C. Williams of the Cubs holds second place from 1962-1971.

8. E. Mathewson holds the distinction from the 1905 Series. Burdette. Ford, and Koufax all threw two shutouts in a single Series.

9. C. Peckinpaugh was only 23 when he managed the 1914 Yankees. Boudreau was next at 24 in 1942 with the Indians, then Harris at 27 with the 1924 Senators.

10. A. Aaron grounded into 320 DPs. Brooks Robinson had 290, Clemente 275, Kaline 271.

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