Worst in Sports History Basketball

About the worsts in the sport of basketball including worst defeats, teams, and free throw shooting.



Worst Team (season): The Philadelphia 76ers lost 73 games in the 1972-1973 season, an NBA record.

Worst Team (all-time): The Friendsville Academy (Tenn.) team lost 138 straight games from 1967 to 1973.

Worst Basketball Defeat: Essex Community College (N.J.) was heavily favored to win over Englewood Cliffs College in their game on Jan. 20, 1974, but what transpired exceeded all expectations. Essex led at the half, 110-29, and went on to score 210, a collegiate record (Englewood had 67). In that game, Essex made 97 of 129 field goal attempts, 16 of 22 free throws, and 89 rebounds.

Lowest Scoring Game: Rather than call the play-by-play, announcer Frank Manson had to call the stall-by-stall between Hillside High and Person High of Roxboro, N.C., on Feb. 1, 1977. Hillside grabbed the ball after the opening tip-off and scored. Person coach Reid Davis had said before the game he planned to "slow things down" because of Hillside's overpowering height, and slow things down he did. Paralyze things might be more accurate. Person froze the ball for the rest of the game, shooting once and missing at the end of each quarter, which seemed to suit Hillside, Manson, a local radio announcer, said it was his toughest broadcast ever. "I interviewed the baseball coach, a county commissioner, the county manager, and anyone else who happened to be around," he said. Final score: Hillside 2, Person 0.

Worst Trip to the Free Throw Line: On Dec. 28, 1974, Los Angeles Laker center Elmore Smith went to the line with a 3-to-make-2 situation. Smith missed all three shots, which, though rare among professionals, is not unheard of. However, how he missed is unique. None of his shots touched the backboard or the rim. Three air balls.

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