Worst in Sports History Football Part 2

About the worsts in the sport of professional football including most fumbles and interceptions.




Worst Offensive Performance (game): In their 51-0 loss to the Oakland Raiders on Sept. 10, 1967, the Denver Broncos gained a total of -5 yd., an NFL record.

Worst Shutout: In what promised to be a closely fought contest between two powerful rivals, the Chicago Bears, led by quarterback Sid Luckman, routed the Washington Redskins, 73-0, to win the 1940 NFL Championship game on Dec. 6, 1940.

Worst Team: Chicago Cardinals, 1942-1945. Now the St. Louis Cardinals, this club holds the NFL record for consecutive losses, with 29. A close contender for the title is the old Brooklyn Dodgers of 1942-1943, who were shut out 6 games in a row.

Most Fumbles (individual): The lifetime record is held by Roman Gabriel with 105. Dan Pastorini fumbled 17 times in 1973 for a season record. Kansas City's Len Dawson committed the most fumbles in a single game--7 against San Diego in 1964. All of these players are quarterbacks.

Most Fumbles (team): Three clubs share the record for the most fumbles in a single game--the 1943 Philadelphia-Pittsburgh team, the 1967 Detroit Lions, and the 1969 Kansas City Chiefs, with 10 each. The season record of 56 is held by the 1938 Chicago Bears.

Most Interceptions Against (individual): 8, Jim Hardy of the old Chicago Cardinals against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sept. 24, 1950.

Most Interceptions Against (team): The Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers have each been intercepted 9 times in a game. The season record for a team is 48, held by the 1962 Houston Oilers.

Most Yards Penalized (game): 209, Cleveland Browns, 1951.

Most Yards Penalized (season): 1,274, the 1969 Oakland Raiders.

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