Worst in Sports History General

About the worst attendance, fans and more in sports history.



Worst Attendance: Washington State vs. San Jose State in a football game on Nov. 12, 1955, at Pullman, Wash. The game was played as scheduled despite high winds and a temperature of 0 deg. F. Total paid attendance: 1.

Worst Fans: In Portograuro, Italy, two carloads of fans pursued the auto of soccer referee Pietro Nuova for 6 mi. after the home team had lost a game in which Nuova kicked out two of its players. Nuova evaded several attempts by his pursuers to drive him off the road but finally lost control of his car and overturned into a ditch. He was hospitalized for 10 days, demoralized for much longer. Second Place: Soccer referee Stavros Rammos was lost for the season after a game in Athens that ended in a riot. An enraged fan bit off Rammos's left ear, which was lost forever.

Worst New Sport: Grenade-throwing. Deactivated grenades, that is. It hasn't been featured yet on the Wide World of Sports but Tass reported in November, 1976, that some 36 millions Russians, including children and housewives, have taken up grenade-throwing as part of a nationwide sports program called "Ready for Work and the Defense of the U.S.S.R." Tass said that 400 entrants aged 10 to 49 reached the finals last year at Tashkent, capital of Soviet Uzbekistan, in the competition, which also included skiing, running, and route marches (in which case it is a compliment to say, "Your old lady wears combat boots"). One of the honored performers was Valentina Bykova, a 39-year-old housewife, who sprinted 66 yd. in 8.3 sec., covered a 330-yd. cross-country course in 45.7 sec., and threw her grenade 132.8 ft.

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