Alternate History What if Germany Had Won World War I

About what the defeated Germans would have done if they had won World War I.


6. GERMANY (W.W. I, 1914-1918)

Germany's primary objective was to become Europe's major military and political power. Had Germany won the war, Kaiser Wilhelm II would have annexed parts of Belgium, including its coastal regions, and made the remainder into a client state. The Germans intended to create a Polish kingdom, dependent on Germany, which would act as a buffer against future Russian aggression. The Germans also wanted to annex the industrial and mining sections of northern France, Russia's Ukrainian and Baltic provinces, and Romania's Black Sea coastline and seaports. In order to become a global naval and colonial power, Germany would have occupied and taken over the Belgian Congo (modern Zaire), the Azores Islands, Senegal, and Tahiti from Belgium, Portugal, and France. While increasing its own might, Germany was going to weaken both France and Russia, making them second-rate powers in Europe.

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