Alternate History What if Italy Had Won World War II

About what the defeated Italians would have done if they had won World War II.


8. ITALY (W.W. II, 1939-1943)

Italian dictator Benito Mussolini had visions of recreating the conquests and boundaries of the ancient Roman Empire. The Italian Fascist government was to achieve control of the Mediterranean region of southern Europe and North Africa by annexing and directly ruling Albania, Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Malta, and possibly Algeria and Morocco. If the Axis Powers had won the war, Mussolini's empire would also have included the Red Sea, the western Indian Ocean, and eastern Africa after his forces occupied the Suez Canal zone, Yemen, the Sudan, and the Horn of Africa, namely, Ethiopia and Somalia. Mussolini made plans to offset his German partner Adolf Hitler's power after the war by creating a "Latin Axis"--an alliance of nations under Italian tutelage--which would include Vichy France, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, and Finland. Once it was an imperial and colonial power, Italy could have used the natural resources of its client states to become a major industrial and military power as well.

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