Biography of Famous Cuban Leader Fidel Castro Part 5

About the famous Cuban leader Fidel Castro, biography and history of the ruler.

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Dissidents, homosexuals, malcontents, and the mentally disturbed are encouraged to observe a love-it-or-leave-it policy in Cuba. When the social pressures get too great, Castro allows great numbers of troublemakers to leave the country, "like steam from a kettle," commented one exiled leader.

Little-Known Facts: As a left-handed pitcher at Havana University, Castro was given a tryout by the Washington Senators (now Minnesota Twins) baseball team. They turned him down. Like many young Cuban couples, Castro and his first wife spent their 1948 honeymoon in Miami.

In 1956 Castro made another trip to the U.S., that time sneaking in by swimming across the Rio Grande from Mexico to arrange the purchase of the Granma. (The ship's name later became the title of Castro's official newspaper.)

In 1960 he attended the U.N. General Assembly in New York. When problems developed about his hotel accommodations, Castro stormed out, took rooms at the Theresa Hotel in Harlem, and captured the attention of the worldwide press for days.

Quotes By: "We represent the first great revolution in a small country, which makes us a privileged generation of Cubans, not only in terms of our own history but in the history of all the peoples of the world."--Speech on Cuban TV, June 5, 1960

"You Americans keep saying that Cuba is 90 mi. from the U.S. I say that the U.S. is 90 mi. from Cuba, and for us that is worse."--To Herbert Matthews, New York Times correspondent

"What bothers the U.S. most is that we have made a socialist revolution right under their noses ... a democratic revolution of the poor, by the poor, and for the poor."--After the Bay of Pigs, April, 1961

"Of course we engage in subversion, the training of guerrillas, propaganda! Why not? This is exactly what you are doing to us."--November, 1963.

"History always favors the intrepid!"--Overheard by U.S. journalist Lee Lockwood as Castro played dominoes

Quotes About: "He ought to be grateful to us. He gave us a kick in the ass and it made him stronger than ever."--President John F. Kennedy, after the Bay of Pigs

"Fidel Castro was more than willing to turn Marxist-Leninist and to make his regime a communist one, but it had to remain his revolution and the communism had to be personal, special, revolutionary--and Cuban. There is nothing in the `socialist world' like Cuban communism. Moscow, echoing Washington, thanks its lucky stars that there is only one Fidel Castro."--Herbert Matthews

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