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Victoria's soldiers were back on the battlefield in 1889, this time in the South African Boer War. Although the British emerged victorious, they paid a heavy price. In February, 1900, Victoria visited the Herbert Hospital and gave flowers and candy to her wounded "dear soldiers." She even knitted seven special scarves that were awarded to outstanding veterans of the war. In April she made a long-overdue visit to Ireland to honor the Irish regiments that had fought so bravely. But it was apparent that Victoria was becoming tired.

By January, 1901, her zest for life was gone. On the 13th she made a last entry in her journal, which she had kept faithfully since 1834. She died peacefully at 6:30 P.M. on Jan. 22, 1901, ending, if not the longest, certainly the most triumphant reign in European history.

Little-Known Facts: The tone of sexual repression that characterized the Victorian era was set by Albert, not by the queen. According to the Duke of Wellington, Albert was "extremely straitlaced and a great stickler for morality whereas she was rather the other way."

Victoria was an accomplished artist and produced many paintings and sketches.

The queen was a carrier of hemophilia. Her youngest son, Leopold, succumbed to it at age 31, and her daughters Alice and Beatrice were carriers, who transmitted it to the royal families of Russia and Spain.

There were seven attempts on Victoria's life. In five of the seven cases, the culprits were emotionally disturbed young men who had not even loaded their pistols.

Victoria's immense wealth was a subject of much contention. Particularly during her extended period of mourning, people questioned why they should subsidize her at the rate of pound 385,000 a year when she had virtually ceased to fulfill the functions expected of a monarch. When she died, she left a personal fortune of nearly pound 2 million.

Quotes By: Upon hearing that she would one day be queen: "I will be good."

Upon Albert's death: "I never, never shall be able to bear that chilling, dreadful, weary, unnatural life of a widow."

On her Golden Jubilee: "This never-to-be-forgotten day will always leave the most gratifying and heart-stirring memories behind."

And, upon hearing a ribald joke: "We are not amused!"

Quotes About: Lady Lyttelton, royal governess: "A vein of iron runs through her most extraordinary character."

Charlotte Bronte: "A little stout, vivacious lady, very plainly dressed--not much dignity or pretension about her."

Prince Albert: "I ... regard Victoria as naturally a fine character, but warped in many respects by wrong upbringing."

Benjamin Disraeli: "I love the Queen--perhaps the only person in the world left to me that I do love."

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