Biography of Indian Ruler Jawaharlal Nehru Part 5

About the famous Indian leader Jawaharlal Nehru, biography and history of the ruler.

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Quotes By: After his first close contact with the peasants of India: "Looking at them and their misery ... I was filled with shame and sorrow, shame at my own easygoing and comfortable life ... and sorrow at the degradation and overwhelming poverty of India. A new picture of India seemed to rise before me; naked, starving, crushed, and utterly miserable."

Looking back on one of the lessons he learned in prison: "It is not possible in any vital matter to rely on anyone. One must journey through life alone; to rely on others is to invite heartbreak."

Although affected by the writings of Marx, he wrote: "I am not a Communist chiefly because I resist the communist tendency to treat communism as a holy doctrine; I do not like being told what to think and do. I suppose I am too much of an individualist."

Nehru hated the British system but retained a respect for British culture: "In spite of everything I am a great admirer of the English, and in many things I feel even now that an Englishman can understand me better than the average Indian."

Reflecting on his mixed background: "I have become a queer mixture of the East and West, out of place everywhere, at home nowhere."

Quotes About: A contemporary writer, Krisna Kripalani, drew this portrait of Nehru: "He is at once personal and detached, human and aloof, with the result that now he appears fond, now cold, now proud, now modest. An aristocrat in love with the masses, a nationalist who represents the culture of the foreigner, an intellectual caught up in the maelstrom of an emotional upheaval--the very paradox of his personality has surrounded it with a halo."

Gandhi, in writing a tribute to Nehru: "If he has the dash and rashness of a warrior, he has also the prudence of a statesman. He is undoubtedly an extremist, thinking far ahead of his surroundings. But he is humble enough and practical enough not to force the pace to the breaking point. He is pure as crystal, he is truthful beyond suspicion. He is a knight sans peur et sans reproche. The nation is safe in his hands."

In the words of Gandhi's disciple Vinoba Bhave: "After Gandhi's, his is the one name that stands for India-is India."

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