Biography of U.S. President John Adams Part 9 Quotes and Quotations

About the United States President John Adams, a collection of quotes and quotations from and about Adams.


2nd President



"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."--As defense attorney in the Boston Massacre trial, 1770

"Philadelphia, with all its trade and wealth and regularity, is not Boston. The morals of our people are much better; their manners are more polite and agreeable; they are purer English; our language is better, our taste is better, our persons are handsomer; our spirit is greater, our laws are wiser, our religion is superior, our education is better."--1774

"My country has in its wisdom contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived."--Vice-President Adams to his wife

"I do not say when I became a politician, for that I never was. In every considerable transaction of my public life, I have invariably acted according to my best judgment, and I can look up to God for the sincerity of my intentions."

"Let the human mind loose. It must be loosed; it will be loose. Superstition and despotism cannot confine it."

"The love of God and his creation--delight, joy, triumph, exultation in my own existence, though but an atom in the Universe--these are my religion."

"Had I been chosen president again, I am certain I could not have lived another year."


"He is vain, irritable, and a bad calculator of the force and probable effect of the motives which govern men. This is all the ill which can possibly be said of him. He is as disinterested as the Being who made him."--Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, 1787

"Well known are his disgusting egotism, distempered jealousy, ungovernable indiscretion, and vanity without bounds."--Alexander Hamilton, letter to James Madison, 1787

"I cannot sometimes refrain from considering the honors with which he is invested as badges of my unhappiness."--Abigail Adams

"It has been the political career of this man to begin with hypocrisy, proceed with arrogance, and finish with contempt."--Thomas Paine, Open Letter to the Citizens of the United States, Nov. 22, 1802

"Here I say I have amused myself in reading and thinking of my absent friend, sometimes with a mixture of pain, sometimes with pleasure, sometimes anticipating a joyful and happy meeting, whilst my heart would bound and palpitate with the pleasing idea, and with the purest affection I have held you to my bosom till my whole soul has dissolved in tenderness and my pen fallen from my hand."--Abigail Adams

"How often do I reflect with pleasure that I hold in possession a Heart equally warm with my own, and full as susceptible of the tenderest impressions, and who, even now whilst he is reading here, feels all I describe."--Abigail Adams

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