Biography of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson Part 13 Quotes about Wilson

About the United States President Woodrow Wilson, biography and a collection of quotes about Wilson.


28th President



"He had to hold the reins and do the driving alone; it was the only kind of leadership he knew."--Arthur S. Link in Wilson: The Road to the White House

"He is an utterly selfish and cold-blooded politician always."--Former President Theodore Roosevelt

"He thought that lying was justified in some instances, particularly where it involved the honor of a woman....He thought it was also justified where it related to matters of public policy."--Col. E. M. House, Wilson's close friend and top aide

"That mulish enigma, that mountain of egotism and selfishness who lives in the White House."--Former President William Howard Taft

"Father enjoyed the society of women, especially if they were what he called `charming and conversable.'... Father once said, 'No man has ever been a success without having been surrounded by admiring females.'"--Eleanor Wilson McAdoo

"The largest single factor in the war was the mind of Woodrow Wilson."--Mark Sullivan

"Mr. Wilson bores me with his 14 points; why, God Almighty has only 10."--Georges Clemenceau, premier of France

"It would have been easy to lay the treaty and the covenant before the Senate as a bad lot, but the best he could do; but that would have been to confess weakness, to admit failure, something that Wilson could not do. He was schooled in the counsel of perfection and could give his approval to nothing less than perfection. So he brought home the perfect treaty and the impeccable covenant, and laid them both before his countrymen as the work of God."--William Allen White

"Wilson, after all, stood for human decency. He stood weakly for human decency; but he stood where it is an honor to stand."--Sigmund Freud and William Bullit in Wilson: A Psychological Study

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