Communication Proposals A Universal Language

About a practical proposal to the problems of a universal language.



A Universal Language

In the article "Toward a Universal Language" (pp. 748-751, The People's Almanac #1), the writer points out the necessity of a universal language and the stumbling blocks which heretofore have stood in the way of success; namely, politics and provincialism that demanded that either the root words or the pronunciation be based on a particular language.

The solution with which the article inspired me is, simply, a hand sign language based not on words, but on concepts. No spelling or pronunciation or knowledge of anything but universal hand signs would be involved. Since most of the civilized world has the same physical needs and emotional responses, about the only subject matters that would be ruled out would be those of a scientific, technical, philosophical, or religious nature. Nor could conversations be conducted by phone. Certainly, the means of implementation are gargantuan. The hand language would have to be taught in the early grades of school all over the world (but that would hold true for any universal language). The benefits to mankind would be tremendous if we could all communicate with each other.

Ruth Shapiro

Houston, Tex

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