Controversy Was Jack Ruby Murdered? Part 2

About the controversy surrounding the death of Jack Ruby, history and exploration of whether or not his death was murder.




His Death: While awaiting retrial, Ruby began complaining of a persistent cough and nausea. On Dec. 9, 1966, he was transferred from the Dallas County Jail to Parkland Hospital, where doctors initially diagnosed his trouble as pneumonia. The next day, however, it was learned that Ruby had terminal cancer. A team of doctors under the direction of Dr. Eugene P. Frenkel reportedly considered the disease so far advanced that they ruled out surgery or radiation treatment as useless and instead injected Ruby regularly with 5-fluorouracil to retard the cancer's progress. Late in the evening of Jan. 2, 1967, doctors suspected that blood clots were forming; they administered oxygen, and by the next morning Ruby seemed in high spirits. Then about 9:00 A.M. he suffered a spasm. Despite emergency procedures, he was dead by 10:30 A.M.

Official Version: After performing an autopsy, Dallas County Medical Examiner Dr. Earl Rose ruled the immediate cause of death to be pulmonary embolism. He said a massive blood clot had formed in the leg, passed through the heart, and lodged in the lungs. He also found evidence of cancer in the right lung, which he listed as a contributing cause of death. But much to the surprise of Ruby's doctors, who believed that the disease had originated in the pancreas, Dr. Rose found the pancreas perfectly normal.

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