Controversy Was Sex Symbol Marilyn Monroe Murdered Part 2

About the controversy surrounding the death of sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, history and exploration of whether or not her death was murder.




Dr. Greenson stated that Marilyn had been despondent recently, particularly on Saturday. Also, Dr. Engelberg noted that he had given her a prescription for 50 Nembutals (a barbiturate) a couple of days earlier. Police found the Nembutal vial among 15 other prescription bottles next to her bed, with only three capsules left in it.

An unofficial suicide investigation was conducted to try to ascertain whether the overdose was accidental or intentional. This investigation revealed that Marilyn hand attempted suicide previously as a means of getting attention but that she had always called someone to rescue her. In this case, Dr. Greenson noted on discovering her body that she had the telephone receiver in her hand. The conclusion of the investigators was that she had repeated her past pattern, but had been overcome by the effect of the drugs before she could call anyone to help her.

Theories and Unanswered Questions: Since Marilyn Monroe's death, a number of investigators have asserted that she did not commit suicide but was murdered. They point to inconsistencies and contradictions in the statements made by the various people involved and in the official reports of the police and coroner, which clearly indicate that Marilyn Monroe was a homicide, not a suicide, victim.

The center of the controversy is the Los Angeles County coroner's report. It gives the cause of death as ingestion of barbiturates, yet when the coroner examined the stomach and duodenum on that Sunday morning, he found no trace of pills. In fact, the stomach contained nothing but an ounce of brownish liquid. An analysis for refractile crystals, which should have been left as a residue of the barbiturates, came back negative. The coroner noted that the small intestine appeared normal. In other words, the digestive system showed no signs of ingestion of barbiturates. The toxicologist's report showed barbiturates only in the blood and liver. Dr. Sidney Weinberg, a noted forensic pathologist, has stated, "There is no way Marilyn Monroe could have orally taken the drugs she allegedly took without some of them being present in her [digestive] system."

The official ingestion theory falls short on other points. The suicide investigation team stated: "We estimate that she took one gulp [of the alleged 47 Nembutals] within--let's say--a period of seconds." Dr. Engelberg's statement that he had given her a prescription for 50 Nembutal capsules was incorrect. Pharmacy records show that the prescription was for only 25 Nembutals, not the lethal 50. And though no one admitted moving her, Marilyn's body was neatly stretched out with no signs of the convulsions normally associated with such a death.

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