Controversy Was Sex Symbol Marilyn Monroe Murdered Part 3

About the controversy surrounding the death of sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, history and exploration of whether or not her death was murder.




What all this suggests, as Dr. Weinberg and other pathologists have concluded, is the possibility that Marilyn Monroe died of an injected overdose of barbiturates. No syringe was found in her house, and she was never known to have given herself an injection. The only recent injections she had had were 13 of various drugs given to her by Dr. Engelberg over the previous month and a half. The coroner's report stated there were no injection marks on her body. This is quite strange, for the bill Dr. Engelberg filed against her estate shows that he gave her an injection the day before her death. The mark from that injection should have been easily detected.

Another discrepancy is the time of death. The police and coroner reports give it as Sunday at 3:40 A.M., when Engelberg pronounced her dead. However, when Engelberg arrived it was obvious to him that rigor mortis had set in and that Marilyn had been dead for three to six hours. Death most likely came in the late hours of Saturday night.

The motive for suicide, or even a faked suicide, rests on Dr. Greenson's comment that Marilyn seemed despondent on Saturday. But housekeeper Eunice Murray, Peter Lawford, press agent Pat Newcomb, and Joe DiMaggio, Jr., all reported that she seemed happy and positive when they talked to her on Saturday. Despite problems on her current picture, Marilyn was receiving more offers of roles than she could possibly handle. Financially she was well off, and she had just bought her first permanent home and was busy decorating it. The only area in which she was having problems was her love life, and this leads to even further questions about her death.

That Marilyn Monroe was having an affair with Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and most probably had had one with President John Kennedy earlier, is almost undisputed now. For several weeks, possibly a month, before her death, Robert Kennedy had attempted to break off the affair, but Marilyn had persistently tried to reach him at the Justice Dept. A few days before her death Marilyn has told a friend, writer Robert Slatzer, "If he [Robert Kennedy] keeps avoiding me, I might just call a press conference and tell them about it ... and my future plans." In his biography of Marilyn, Slatzer asserts that Bobby actually visited her on the Saturday before she died, having flown down to Los Angeles from San Francisco, where he was officially supposed to be, and that he spent that night at his brother-in-law Peter Lawford's home in Santa Monica.

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