Controversy Was Sex Symbol Marilyn Monroe Murdered Part 4

About the controversy surrounding the death of sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, history and exploration of whether or not her death was murder.




The Kennedy connection is a confusing and sensitive area. It is believed that Marilyn's phone had been tapped both by Robert Kennedy through the Justice Dept. and by his enemy, teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa. (Telephone toll tickets, which might have shed light on the case, have disappeared.) That a cover-up was enacted by the Los Angeles police and coroner is suspected. Sgt. Jack Clemmons, who was the first police officer to arrive at Marilyn's house the night of her death, later stated, "She was murdered by needle injection by someone she knew and probably trusted. I have no doubt of it. This was the cover-up crime of the century--a matter of [Los Angeles Chief of Police] Bill Parker and other officials here protecting a famous political family of the East who had good reason to shut Monroe's mouth." Deputy Coroner Lionel Grandison, who signed Marilyn's death certificate, later stated, "The whole thing was organized to hide the truth. An original autopsy file vanished, a scrawled note that Marilyn Monroe wrote and which did not speak of suicide also vanished, and so did the first [Sgt. Clemmons's] police report. I was told to sign the official report--or I'd find myself in a position I couldn't get out of." It is also interesting to note that two key witnesses were not available for questioning after Marilyn's death. Mrs. Murray moved out of her apartment the next day, leaving no forwarding address. She later reported that she had come into some money and had taken an extended trip to Europe. Pat Newcomb, Marilyn's press agent, had an argument with reporters the Sunday when the body was discovered, and was fired from her job by the firm that employed her. She immediately accepted an invitation to visit the Kennedy compound at Hyannis Port, after which she also took a long European vacation. When she returned she went to work for the Justice Dept. in an office next door to Bobby Kennedy's.

In his book Who Killed Marilyn? (1976), Tony Sciacca presents a number of murder theories. One is that Kennedy loyalists in either the Justice Dept. or the CIA--possibly through Mafia connections--killed Marilyn Monroe with a lethal dose of injected barbiturates in order to protect the Kennedy brothers from the threat of scandal. Sciacca strenuously argues that he believes Robert Kennedy would have known nothing about this, that he was not involved in any way. Another theory is that rightist groups within the CIA killed Marilyn to expose the scandal and possibly frame Robert and John Kennedy. After their plot failed, they decided on more drastic measures against the Kennedys, which eventually led to Dallas and Los Angeles.

A number of writers, including Norman Mailer, relate other, sometimes bizarre, theories. One is that Jimmy Hoffa and the teamsters were involved in an effort to discredit or blackmail Robert Kennedy. A second is that Cuban agents murdered Monroe as a reprisal against the Kennedys for the CIA-initiated Mafia contract that was put out on Fidel Castro. Yet another outlandish theory attributes her death to Communist conspirators who sought to ruin the Kennedy brothers by linking them to murder.

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