Government Proposals The Three-Person Presidency

About a government proposal for a three-person presidency.



The Three-Person Presidency

The problem with the U.S. presidency is that it is too much work. Modern presidents have tended to become exhausted or power-hungry. President Carter suggested that each president be elected to one 6-year term. This is a good idea, except that there should be three presidents with overlapping terms. Every two years we would elect a new one.

For the first two years, a newly elected president would be known as the junior president and he would mostly be in charge of ceremonial duties, while he learned the job from the two more experienced presidents. For the second two years, he would be known as the national president and would be responsible for domestic affairs. During the last two years of his term, each president would be called the senior president and he would be responsible for international relations. Naturally, the three presidents would be expected to meet regularly to coordinate their activities.

(Sp. 4) Steven Spelman

Frankfurt, West Germany

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