Great Physical Achievements for Seniors over 70 Part 4

About a number of senior citizens who have achieved great acts of physical strength and endurance.



At 88 Waldie, an active member of "the Kids," one of two Florida teams that make up St. Petersburg's Three-Quarter Century Softball Club, Inc., may possess more ability for his age than any other fielder. He throws out runners, bats .300--.400, and says at 88 he can run the bases like a 75-year-old.


The 89-year-old Londoner Horan was furious when the local hanggliding school refused to continue his lessons because of his age. The veteran of a dozen successful flights, he has lodged a protest with the British Hang Gliding Association.


After a heart attack at 83, Weaver began to walk for exercise and eventually started to jog at a slow pace. At 85 Weaver won the foot race for her age group (she had no competitors) in the 1974 Senior Olympics and became an overnight athletic celebrity. "The Queen of Track and Field," Weaver continued to participate in the Senior Olympics each year, and at 90 she holds the record in her age group for the 1,500-meter walk.


Former prima ballerina with the Bolshoi Ballet of Moscow, Madame Alexandra toured both Europe and the U.S. Does dancing keep you young? Madame Alexandra seems to think so. At 91 she teaches 90-min. classes with no breaks and demonstrates even the difficult positions to students in her southern California studio.


Ronald Colman, Errol Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.--to name only a few--all learned their fencing moves from Ralph Faulkner. He has been teaching fencing in Los Angeles since 1929 and, at 91, is still "King of the Swashbucklers."


Wally's slowing down at 98. He now rises at 6 A.M. rather than before dawn and works a 12-rather than a 14-hour day. Farmer, philosopher, and traveler, Lattimer has never had a head-or backache and was sick only once--"Got down with the flu in 1918." Having outlived two wives, he now lives alone outside Lyons, Kans., farming 40 acres of wheat and an 11-acre garden. He doesn't wear glasses and he has all his original teeth. How does he do it? "I don't worry and I don't get mad," says Wally.


Miller made the Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley's Believe It or Not when, at 93, he scored a hole-in-one at the 11th hole of an Anaheim, Calif., golf course. He took up the sport in his late 50s and was still golfing at the age of 102.

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