Health and Family Proposals Legalize Heroin

About a practical proposal to legalize heroin in an attempt to minimize its negative influences.



Legalize Heroin

It may seem strange to suggest that a drug as evil as heroin be legalized, but please hear me out. If I had my way, no one would take heroin. But in reality, lots and lots of people use it and many of them become addicts. And these addicts need large amounts of money, every day, to support their habits. To get this money, many heroin addicts become thieves, preying on innocent people in order to afford the outrageous prices which pushers are able to charge since they are dealing in an illegal, underground substance which they sell to customers who have to have it.

If heroin were legal, the price would go way down, addicts wouldn't have to steal to support their habit, and the rest of us wouldn't be victimized. Who would lose if heroin were legal? Only the pushers and the crime syndicates. It makes you wonder why politicians have allowed the heroin trade to go on as long as they have. If heroin were legal, the police would have more time to deal with other crimes. I have heard that in New York City over 50% of the crime is committed by heroin addicts.

The victims of heroin addicts are both rich and poor. Last summer, three blocks from my suburban house, two darling teenagers were shot to death when they came home from school and surprised a burglar. That burglar turned out to be a heroin addict with a $300-a-day habit. Four days later my housekeeper came to work crying because her brother was in critical condition in the hospital, having been stabbed by an intruder. Fortunately he survived, but this intruder too was a heroin addict.

Perhaps it is true that legalized heroin would cause there to be more addicts, but those addicts would commit far less crimes than the addicts in the system we have now. When I told my friends about my idea to make heroin legal, one of them said that she had heard the idea before on the radio. And she said that some well-known lawyers and even judges supported it. If this is so, then why is heroin still illegal? Are the politicians afraid that if they support legal heroin, then people will think they are pro-drugs? Or is organized crime so strong that they can buy off the politicians or otherwise convince them not to act?

(Mrs.) Marsha Phillips

Silver Springs, Md.

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