History Battle of the Alamo Part 3 Eyewitness Accounts

About an eyewitness account of the Battle of the Alamo.


The Battle of the Alamo As Seen by the Mexicans

Eyewitness Report: Jose Enrique de la Pena, a lieutenant colonel in Santa Anna's army, wrote: "The columns [of soldiers], bravely storming the fort in the midst of a terrible shower of bullets and cannon fire, had reached the base of the walls. ... Our soldiers, some stimulated by courage and others by fury, burst into the quarters where the enemy had entrenched themselves, from which issued an infernal fire. Behind these came others who, nearing the doors and blind with fury and smoke, fired their shots against friends and enemies alike, and in this way our losses were most grievous. On the other hand, they turned the enemy's own cannon to bring down the doors to the rooms or the rooms themselves; a horrible carnage took place, and some were trampled to death. The tumult was great, the disorder frightful; it seemed as if the furies had descended upon us."

De la Pena's testimony gave the lie to a favorite myth: that Davy Crockett died in the baptistery of the Alamo and was found there, according to a plaque at the site, "with dead Mexicans piled about him, whom he had slain before giving up his life." On the contrary, according to De la Pena (and other soldiers backed his story): "Some seven men had survived the general carnage and ... they were brought before Santa Anna. Among them ... was the naturalist Davy Crockett. ... Santa Anna ... ordered his execution. ... Though tortured before they were killed, these unfortunates died without complaining and without humiliating themselves before their torturers."

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