History of Afterlife in Different Religions Judaism Part 2

About the views on life after death and the afterlife and history of the beliefs in the Jewish religion.



Ascending to the higher Gan Eden, the soul will once again bathe in the River of Light, this time to forget the tumultuous emotions of the lower Eden. Here the goal is to gain understanding of the divine mind, for which purpose groups of souls are organized into schools. Each midnight God Himself visits upper Gan Eden to share His wisdom with those who have attained it.

Once the soul has gained all the understanding of which it is capable in heaven, it will be permitted to strive for further perfection on earth through reincarnation, a process which is repeated until the soul has built a complete spiritual body through good deeds.

After the number of souls meant to be created has been achieved, God will bring about the reunion of souls and bodies. At this time, the Messiah, an ideal ruler of an earthly Kingdom of God, will summon all humankind to dwell in peace and righteousness under divine sovereignty. The resurrection of the dead will take place; the spiritual body will be reunited with the physical body it formerly inhabited. Or, alternatively, the resurrection will be a materialization of the level of spiritual body that the soul has attained through many incarnations. These materialized souls will then perform the remaining deeds required of them to complete their spiritual bodies in a world free of death and evil.

After a time the earthly rule of the Messiah will end and the Last Judgment will take place. God, "ancient of days," garbed in white raiment, with hair like pure wool, will sit upon a throne of fiery flames to judge all people in one another's presence. The wicked will be doomed and the righteous will be transported to a newly created heavenly or earthly paradise.

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