History of Anna Kingsford and the Spiritual Thunderbolt Part 1

About the history of Anna Kingsford who claims to have developed a spiritual thunderbolt that gave her the power to kill people with her mind.


Lying in a hotel room on the French Riviera, Louis Pasteur was dying. Neither the famous French medical researcher nor the dozen doctors who visited and tested him could diagnose what the strange malady was that was destroying his body. Several hundred miles away in London, another doctor, Anna Kingsford, knew exactly why Pasteur was dying. His bodily functions were rapidly degenerating because she had willed his death. Anna Kingsford believed that her will could generate what she called a "spiritual thunderbolt"--a modern rendition of the evil eye--which could strike and kill her victims. If he had known of it, Pasteur would have dismissed Anna Kingsford's curse as preposterous, as his two colleagues, Dr. Paul Bert and Dr. Claude Bernard--both of whom had also been targets of her thunderbolts--would have done had they not died recently from sudden afflictions brought on by Anna's will. For Anna Kingsford, these spiritual assassinations were reasonable and just. She was ridding the world of men who tortured animals, which she knew had souls.

Born in Stratford, England, on Sept. 16, 1846, Anna Bonus was the small, sickly, beautiful daughter of a wealthy London merchant and his domineering wife. Throughout her youth, Anna learned to be the graceful and proper young lady that Victorian society demanded she be, but she also developed in two other ways: as an intellectual and as a spiritualist. She possessed a fine mind, which she used in pursuit of academic, literary, and scientific interests, but more interesting were her occult talents, which came to light and developed as she grew older.

At the age of 21 the tall, slender, golden-haired Anna married her cousin, Algernon Kingsford, who became an Anglican clergyman during the first years of their marriage. Their honeymoon ended almost before it began when Anna was stricken with a severe asthma attack. Thereafter, their marriage was largely one of convenience, though they did have a daughter. Kingsford allowed his wife to follow her own interests, and soon she had purchased a magazine and was serving as its editor. She was already a published writer of theological essays, short stories, and poems.

In 1873 Anna met Edward Maitland, who was to be her platonic companion in spiritualism for the remainder of her life. With Maitland she moved to Paris to study medicine. She graduated in 1880 as a medical doctor and returned to London to practice. In Great Britain she was a leader in the Theosophical Society, and with Maitland she established the Hermetic Society. Through these organizations she tried to reconcile her own mystic experiences with her belief in Christ and with Eastern religions and to publicize what she referred to as the restoration of esoteric Christianity.

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