History of Anna Kingsford and the Spiritual Thunderbolt Part 2

About the history of Anna Kingsford who claims to have developed a spiritual thunderbolt that gave her the power to kill people with her mind.


The bedrock of Anna's personality was her belief in the mystical. As a girl she had exhibited psychic gifts and claimed to have met fairies. She had uncannily accurate premonitions of deaths within her family and had dream encounters with ghosts, genies, and angels, as well as with such historical characters as Mary Magdalene and John the Baptist. Late in life she claimed she had extensive trance contact with the Swedish philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg. Also, she believed in reincarnation and visited herself in past lives spent as Anne Boleyn, Joan of Arc, and Faustina, the wife of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. Another of her talents was the ability to leave her body and travel through the universe.

With Maitland, and aided by a personal genie named Salathiel, Anna Kingsford communicated with the spirit realm in seances by means of an automatic writing machine called a planchette. During these seances she sometimes communicated with the spirits of animals. Confirmed in her belief that animals had souls, she was a vegetarian and refused to wear or use anything made from dead animals, including furs and leather shoes and belts.

As a medical student in Paris, Anna was sitting in the library one day when she heard weird screams coming from a nearby laboratory. She learned from an attendant that one of her instructors, Dr. Claude Bernard, was dissecting a live dog in one of his medical experiments. Revolted by this example of what she considered hideous murder, she became an ardent and vocal opponent of vivisection, the surgical use of live animals in medical studies. She wrote pamphlets and articles and debated at the university to stop the practice, but without success since most people believed vivisection was necessary for the advancement of science. Holding her pet guinea pig Rufus, Anna would emotionally debate the problem with Maitland, and she once offered herself for vivisection if the professors would stop experimenting on animals.

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